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Today s Date// CATERING ORDER FORM o Pick-up Date // Time SHOPS AT LEGACY o Delivery Date // Time 7317 Parkwood St 195 Plano TX 75024 469. 241. 1774 ph 469. 241. 1844 fax min* and/or fees may apply o Please check if you need server add 1/PP Company Name Delivery Address Name PhoneEmail Name on CC Number Exp* Date SALATA BAR Choice of lettuce and dressings. Also includes 16 toppings bread pita chips and croutons. 9/PP Number of People minimum 10 must order in multiples of 5 LETTUCE Choose any...
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Hi it's steve and i want to talk about making an awesome customer onboarding experience today for a catering company so instead of the usual contact form usually i tell customers go to the website and they remember to go to the website and fill out my form instead i'm going to invite them to a really nice onboarding experience where they know exactly what to expect and exactly how to order catering services for me so the way I do that is I go to my little onboard group here and I've got someone I already want to invite this is an imaginary Sarah Thomas here who owns a very important company called Main Street services so i just talked to sarah about this and she wants to order some catering so i'm going to type in her phone number which is neat because now Sarah doesn't have to remember to come to the website she just got a text so Sarah can simply type in her phone number to sign in she doesn't need to make a password or anything I already know who it is which is a big plus and just typing a quick confirmation code here so now Sarah is in and she can see my onboard group so this is pretty neat because it goes beyond ordering and just to zoom out here this shows the customer the entire process of what to expect ordering catering so they can start with a basic catering form here let's say it's a picnic and Sarah can put in her email and phone number and submit the form of course so let's say if she's done with that step now I can go ahead and link her to my menu so she already has an idea of what she wants to order I can even collect a payment if I want at this phase or not it's optional and let sarah know when i'm going to call her that's important because sometimes people don't know what to expect next this fixes that problem she knows exactly where she is also a quick note about the day of the event what's she going to expect instead of having to do a frequently asked questions page I can just tell her right here that we're going to show up an hour before and it would be really nice to not have to take the stairs and then after the event what else can I do with this customer I want to keep an ongoing relationship I would like for Sarah to leave me a google review maybe and then of course book her next event with these catering so that was just a quick overview of how to make a great customer on board for catering and you can learn more this is the website it's innova dot m e and what you want to do is just ask me for an invitation i will send you one and you can start onboarding people today nice to meet you see you next time
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